About B. Jones Organic Spa

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How You Treat Your Body Matters

b.jones Organic Spa commands a relaxing energy as soon as you enter immersing your senses in a subtle soothing aroma. There is a quality to their service, greeting every client by name with a warm and friendly tone adds an additional layer of intimacy. Take note of the word “Organic,” this short yet impactful word holds a lot of weight nowadays, while it has been continually overlooked, this is another element that separates the b.jones Organic Spa experience from any competitors. Every product is pure, accommodating arising allergies in all ages, a focus on physical and mental health, and being aware of reaction in the body to products. b.jones Organic Spa has committed to protecting your mind, body, and soul using Eminence products as their line of choice. Every therapist at b.jones fosters a coziness educating their clients in their own unique style. It is apparent that all hand wizards share a common life aspiration, to help heal others and forget about any stressors life may bring during their time of care.

Our Origin Story

Irene Leavy, Founder of b.jones Organic Spa, notes her journey to organic living began when she and her husband had difficulty with fertility and pregnancy. She was advised to flush her system of all toxins, so she could hit the reset button and create the life she and her husband dreamed of.

Irene took that advice and ran with it, discovering how truly impactful clean living was, she and her family embraced an organic lifestyle. With this choice, they notably felt healthier and happier.

Making these changes allowed Irene and her husband to welcome their son Connor into the world. As a baby, Irene would call Connor Bubba Jones, as Connor grew and the lifestyle of organic and natural living continued, Irene wanted to share her vision with others. Bubba Jones became the inspiration for b.jones, where Irene and her team strive to make people’s lives better one face at a time. 

Meet Your Hand Wizards

Irene Leavy 

Licensed Esthetician, Massage Therapist, and Reiki Therapist

Education: Graduate of Institute for Therapeutic Massage and Artistry Academy

Seasoned in the industry, Irene approaches every client masterfully with knowledge, skill, personal depth, understanding of the body, and a true sense of creating and executing a tranquil environment. She is a long-term Morristown resident who enjoys the close-knit vibe and community offerings. Her treatment options vary from her transforming facials, calming reiki, and massages that engage all relaxation senses. There is a deep level of compassion that openly displays when interacting with her. She is as pure as they come and has found her passion in helping others through multiple levels of treatment. Everyone feels right at home with her, as she tends to every client with the utmost care and appreciation. “I just want to help people feel good and be confident in their own skin.”

Maria Alvarez

Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: Graduate of Institute for Therapeutic Massage, Certified Lymphatic and Oncology Massage Therapist

Maria brings over 5 years of experience in massage, specializing in sports massage and oncology services such as lymphatic drainage massage for cancer survivors. Maria’s attraction to massage came as a result of a recurring hamstring sports injury. She had a therapist work on her hamstrings after a hard workout in college and felt the immediate benefits to her body. Her passion is to help others feel relief during her time with them, allow them a safe space to be free mentally and physically. Maria utilizes various techniques for muscle relaxation complimented by improving affected joints range of motion. Her favorite treatment is the lymphatic drainage massage, beneficial for an everyday client and cancer survivors, providing a natural release of toxins from the body promoting a healthy immune system. “What I love about my career choice, is I am able to help others feel good with natural healing and embrace time with my family and children. While we are all qualified to do multiple massage services, Irene encourages us to specialize in what we love treating.” 

Michael Franklin

Licensed Massage Therapist

Education: Graduate of Institute for Therapeutic Massage, Instructor for the Institute for Therapeutic Massage, Certified Medical Massage Therapist 

Michael is a licensed massage therapist with advanced certifications in both medical massage and myofascial therapy. Not your average Joe, Michael has a unique way of working through each client’s target areas. Michael’s diverse experiences from a range of treatment offices, including physical therapy, chiropractic care, and other spas, contributes to his unique approach and abilities. Michael strives to give all clients individualized services thus providing the results they want and need. Michael brings a tactful wealth of knowledge and experience to b.jones Organic Spa. “My goal is to have all of our clients leave with their desired pain relief and be a resource with our range of services to keep them feeling good.” Treatment types include: medical massage, myofascial therapy, deep tissue, sports massage, relaxation massage, and hot stone massage.