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July 17, 2018

Summer and Your Skin

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We love Summer, but we love our skin even more. Summer is a season where conscious, intensive skin care is essential on a daily basis. All those UV rays that you are soaking up throughout the day can give you a myriad of healthy vitamins, but it can also cause severe short and long-term damage, including brown spots, skin cancer and pronounced wrinkles.

UV damage can be avoided, or even partially reversed, while still being able to enjoy every minute of Summer. We recommend adding a few essential steps to your at-home skin care routine, getting intensive hydration and toning facials, and by using natural, skin-loving products. Sign up for our newsletter to get our full list of at-home techniques that will help you maintain soft, supple and hydrated skin this season!

Jump start your skin’s rejuvenation this summer with our limited-time pricing on some of the hottest in massage and facial picks.


This facial is truly the root of transformation, and evokes the very best of summer. Using only the highest quality, organic products, this facial will cleanse, tone, hydrate and exfoliate, leaving you with a beautiful, healthy complexion and renewed sense of vibrancy. A hot wildflower oil scalp massage or hand treatment is included.

$95 ($40 in Savings!! Available with Lexi Only)


Restore and maintain the natural ease of movement that will help you be active and pain-free this summer with Neck and Shoulder Trigger Point Therapy. Through cycles of isolated pressure and release, this therapeutic service will help you shed soreness and live comfortably.

$60 for 30 Minutes ($25 in Savings!! Available with Maria Only)


Cupping is an incredible means of healing and restoring overall health. Using small cups applied to the skin with suction, this massage draws inflammation out from deep within the tissue and allows it to be released. It helps to reduce inflammation and pain, while increasing blood flow, relaxation and well-being.

$60 for 30 Minutes ($25 in Savings!! Available with Michael Only)

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