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Should I Exfoliate?

Should you exfoliate?

The short answer is, “Yes!” But there are so many different types of exfoliation. The question you really should be asking yourself is “How should I be exfoliating?” At b.jones Spa, we offer a complimentary skin analysis for each of our clients. During this consultation, our facial experts will discuss your skin goals, as well as go over your current home routine and products.

Our estheticians can evaluate your skin type and pair you with the perfect exfoliator. For example, dry skin is not treated the same as oily skin. Sensitive or sun-damaged skin is not treated the same as acne-prone skin. Everyone’s face responds differently to environmental stressors and cleansers. Our extensive collection of Eminence exfoliators gives us the opportunity to mix and match products in order to customize every facial experience.

Stop in this month to see if Eminence’s Mangosteen Lactic Pro Peel is the right fit for your skin. Mangosteen is a super fruit that helps protect skin from drying while encouraging natural radiance. Paired with a Lactic Acid Complex, this exfoliant gently resurfaces skin and reduces pore size for a more brilliant and youthful looking complexion. You will see and feel immediate results. 

Or maybe you’re looking for something a little fun and different. Stop in for a Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant exfoliating treatment. This product utilizes a gentle fizzing action to remove dead skin cells and other environmental impurities. Eminence’s award-winning fizzofoliant uses the power of microgreens to rejuvenate your skin and reveal a youthful glow.firm skin acai exfoliating peel

Maybe you’re longing for a treatment with a little more power. After all, “organic” doesn’t mean “wimpy.” Book an award-winning Vita Skin Peel treatment at b.jones for a deeper clean. The Eminence Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel will work to remove dark spots and even out your skin tone. A Firm Skin Acai Exfoliating Peel will restore your skin’s elasticity and leave you feeling younger. If you suffer from some problem areas, a Clear Skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Peel might be the treatment for you. Using gentle cleansers, it removes dirt and other impurities to reveal a smooth, clean complexion and clear up troublesome acne spots. But if your complimentary skin analysis reveals your complexion is too sensitive for these treatments, a Calm Skin Chamomile Exfoliating Peel is the perfect treatment for you. This gentle peel reduces redness, irritation, and inflammation and leaves you with a balanced and smooth complexion.

You’ll feel so great, you’ll want to keep it going long after your facial appointment at b.jones. Extend the results of your treatment with an at-home Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser and Concentrate. The gel cleanser will maintain your complexion’s smoothness and supple feeling in your own home by removing dead skin cell build-up with the gentleness of an everyday cleanser. The concentrate is your best defense against dull skin. One or two pumps after your cleaning routine will leave you with luminous skin all day!

Now through April, receive a free Mangosteen Resurfacing spa treatment ($95 value) when you purchase the Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser, Concentrate, and either a Bamboo Firming Fluid or Microgreens Fizzafoliant.

After exfoliating, your skin is left bare to the wrath of the elements and more susceptible to damage from the sun, which means it’s a crucial time to apply an SPF moisturizer after your facial. That’s why we are giving you a complimentary Award-Winning Eminence Red Currant Protective Moisturizer when you purchase Eminence’s Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Cleanser and Concentrate from b.jones Spa. Red Currant is packed with Vitamin C and antioxidants which reduce visible signs of aging. This lightweight moisturizer revitalizes and hydrates your skin while offering you 30 SPF sun protection.

Fun Fact: Your purchase of Eminence products directly contributes to a wonderful cause. For every Eminence product sold, the company plants a tree with the organization, Trees for the Future. As of November 2017, the company has planted over 9 million trees!

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Indulge in our Chocolate Hydration Facial

Roses are red, violets are blue, I want chocolate now, how about you?

We want to make sure you are showing your body love with our seasonal 60 Minute Chocolate Hydration Facial, $125. A special treat you will be sure to adore. The scent of chocolate awakens your senses allowing the cocoa to hydrate your skin and crystalize your complexion. All the glow, without the guilt. This indulgence facial is completed with a complimentary lip treatment!

Yes, there’s more…

Explore our Massage Options and enjoy a complimentary Chocolate Hand Treatment.

Deep Tissue helps relieve severe tension in muscle and connective tissue or fascia. This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of the top muscles. Deep tissue massage is often recommended for individuals who experience consistent pain, are involved in heavy physical activity (such as athletes), and patients who have sustained physical injury.

Medical differs from regular Massage and Bodywork in that the treatment is specifically directed to resolve conditions diagnosed by a medical doctor. We employ a variety of modalities or techniques during the treatment, but focus the treatment only on the specific areas of the body related to the diagnosis. This enhances the body’s natural self-healing process and reduces the needed recovery time from injury.

Sports utilizes specific strokes to help athletes obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning. While sports massage is beneficial when you are training for an event, it’s also helpful for anyone who stretches physical limits through movement. Sports massage focuses on specific muscles used in your sport or fitness activity.

Myofascial Release helps release stress and tension in the fascia. Fascia is connective tissue surrounding the muscles, bones, nerves, and organs. This slow and steady technique helps restore motion and diminish pain. Myofascial Release is ideal for someone with chronic, inflammation or recovering from trauma.

Oncology safely works with the complications of cancer and cancer treatments. Our massage therapist who is certified in oncology will use modified techniques to help you relax and unwind. Benefits of Oncology massage include increased relaxation, sleep, immune function, relieve pain, and anxiety

Swedish is relaxing yet still therapeutic. It combines an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to improve circulation. The benefits of this type of bodywork are wide-ranging and include relief from aches and pains, decreased stress, enhanced mental clarity, and greater flexibility.

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