January 5, 2018

Detox Your Body & Cleanse Your Mind

Start 2018 off by treating yourself to some “me time” with b.jones Organic Spa. January is a very popular Detox month, this is typically when we all as a society hit the reset button on life and commit to self-improvement. Why not start the year off with a true cleanse? Detox treatments have year-round benefits, promoting a healthy body and immune system that promote more mental energy to embark on new challenges or adventures. Any food or skin allergies? No worries here, just let us know and we will be sure to aid in your healing.

Let’s explore the various treatments and benefits and see what fits for you…

Detox Facial – $125 60 minutes

Feeling fresh is all in your pores! Proudly using Eminence Organics detox collection facial products, we massage, expose, scrub, and reseal your pores to remove that unwanted dirt. The products also promote increased circulation, firming, and tightening of the facial skin. This is NOT your average facial experience, enjoy a full 60 minutes of cleansing down to the bones. Book Detox facials with Irene or Clara

Lymphatic Drainage Massage – $125 60 minutes

This treatment is recommended as a cleanser. Promotes toxin release with gentle circular strokes across your body promoting increase blood flow and pushing out the toxins. This is very beneficial for cancer survivors as it aids in assisting blood flow especially when lymph nodes have been removed. It is recommended to do this is phases as the body needs time to heal in between sessions. Book Lymphatic Massage with Maria

Body Treatments – $150 60 minutes

Revive and Renew! This treatment calls for a dry brush that exfoliates and sweeps away any dehydrated and lifeless skin. The skin is then indulged in a sugar scrub to refine and smooth. This pair is then complimented with an applied Hungarian herbal mud hugging your body in hot towels and Mylar to boost heat and perspiration. We then apply a cinnamon paprika lotion that increases hydration levels and blood circulation. Dry brushing also promotes a cleansing of the immune system, increases circulation, and encourages lymph flow. This is a cleansing and nourishing method from the inside out. Book Body Treatments with Maria or Irene

Reiki Therapy – $25-90 (varies on time)

Mindfulness therapy that enhances a healthy mind by relieving stress, anxiety, and worry. This treatment is about promoting being present or “in the moment”. This is a form of Japanese healing that focuses on the Seven Chakras that flow through the body. This is a mental and spiritual cleanse. Book Reiki with Irene

Cupping Massage – $125 60 minutes

Cupping better described as an ancient method of massage using suction cups. This method uses cups to decompress and gently lift skin tissue. This method improves blood circulation throughout the body (including lymph systems), provides pain relief, increases mobility, aids in new blood flow, and encourages the body to release anti-inflammatory chemicals that may be stagnant. Book Cupping with Michael

Irene Leavy

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